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Sincerely Stan EP # 3 My family is hating on my Uber driver…

Dear Stan, I feel vulnerable writing this, but I truly do need outside opinion. I’ve prayed and I’m looking for the answer to my prayer I’m a 44 yr. old scientist at a prestigious institution. I’m in a 6 months relationship that I find so refreshing! The guy is handsome, charming, adventurous, witty, he checks all […]

Sincerely Stan EP # 2 Fears that kill our dreams…a woman’s story.

Message Body:Dear Sincerely Stan- I really need some advice. I’m a professional, career-oriented woman employed at a Fortune 500 company with a stellar repetition of building million-dollar brands and consumer products. I’ve been in a 2-year relationship with an older gentleman who I truly love.His background and experiences are vastly different from mine, he’s a […]

Sincerely Stan EP # 1 Introduction Video

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