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Dear Sincerely Stan- I really need some advice.

I’m a professional, career-oriented woman employed at a Fortune 500 company with a stellar repetition of building million-dollar brands and consumer products. I’ve been in a 2-year relationship with an older gentleman who I truly love.
His background and experiences are vastly different from mine, he’s a free spirit and a real entrepreneur. His experience includes several start-ups within various industries, and he’s launched several business ventures over the past 30+years.
Trust me when I say the man knows how to hustle and get his grind on to make money. While some of his business ventures have been successful, a few of them have failed, mainly due to capital funding or the ideas were ahead of their times.

In March of 2020, as the pandemic (COVID-19) hit the US, I like most people in corporate America started to work from home. After 16 years at my job I was forced to rethink things after my workload became tremendously slow (almost at a standstill) and I became uncertain about my future at the company. I like everyone else started thinking about what I would do if I were suddenly unemployed as a result of the pandemic, so with prayer and lots of influence/guidance from my man I decided to step out on faith and launch an online business.
My man worked hard day and night for a few months to help me get set up with everything I needed to succeed. He had a professionally, designed website and social media platforms built for my brand, he purchased cameras, microphones, lights, and the whole nine yards to get me ready and for all these things.
I am thankful and very pleased with all that he’s done to help me stand up “my business”. However, the problem is that I’m perplexed/stuck in an uncomfortable position and I have not launched my business as of today (May 2021) for no apparent reason other than me being scared of failure.
I’m in a comfortable position with my corporate job and feel as if it’s my safety blanket while the thought of launching my own business evokes a feeling of fear….fear of failure and part of that comes from me knowing it’s happened to him several times in the past and that it could possibly happen to me in my new venture. This man has been so patient with me but now I feel as if  I could lose him and my window of opportunity to launch my business if I don’t do something soon.

Sincerely Stan I need your guidance, what next steps should I take to show and prove to him that I’m sincere in still wanting this business more than ever, but I’m scared and right now acting like a woman with little faith.

A True “Sincerely Stan” Fan

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