Dear Stan,

I feel vulnerable writing this, but I truly do need outside opinion. I’ve prayed and I’m looking for the answer to my prayer

I’m a 44 yr. old scientist at a prestigious institution. I’m in a 6 months relationship that I find so refreshing! The guy is handsome, charming, adventurous, witty, he checks all the boxes ; except one – he works as an Uber driver!

He’s an aspiring (starving) canvas artist who has created a portfolio of beautiful pieces that he hasn’t begun to sell yet. He makes approximately $37,000 a year as a driver, he’s able to support his bills he just doesn’t have a ton of extra cash to do things.

My most pressing issue is my family and friends think I can do better. They say there are good men who are more sophisticated and better able to complement me and my path in life. I don’t bring him around much because of how they feel. My questions are do I succumb to the peer pressure of my family? Should I set my bar a bit higher? Or do I give this relationship enough time to see how things play out despite what people say?


Confused & Happy

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